• Pick 'Em All NASCAR is a unique Fantasy NASCAR racing league.
    • Unique for one because you can choose the positions of all 36-40 cars in the race as opposed to just a few. This heightens the excitement of the race because you are not only interested in how good a few cars are doing but are just as concerned about the ones near the back.
    • Unique for two because the data shown DOES NOT HAVE TO BE LIVE! You have the ability to check your points on the laps you choose. This allows you to play along as you watch the race on your DVR without spoiling the outcome with live data.
    • And lastly, there is a one-of-a-kind tool for helping you choose an initial order for the 36-40 drivers (by car #). Pick `Em All NASCAR allows you to choose how important you find the following categories to be in determining your lineup:
      • MOMENTUM
    See the "Choosing Drivers" section below for more on how Pick `Em All NASCAR uses these factors in calculating your custom lineup.


  • Points are awarded by determining how close each car is to the position you have chosen.
  • You start with 36-40 points for each car (depending on the number of cars entered in the race. Typically it is a 40 car field).
  • For every position that you are off, one point is subtracted.
  • For instance, if you choose a car to come in 1st and it is running in 5th then you would get 35 points for that car (40pts - 5 off = 35)
  • If you choose a car to come in 40th and it is running 39th then you would get 39 points for that car (40pts - 1off = 39)
  • There is 1 bonus point given for picking the exact position for a car. This would make the maximum points for any one car (other than the winner) to be 41.
  • There are 14 additional bonus points given for picking the race winner. This would make the maximum points for picking the race winner to be 55.
  • The highest number of points you can recieve in one race would be 1654 (55 for the race winner) + 41 max pts x 39 positions = 1654).
  • The least number of points you can recieve in one race would be 760 (because you can't have all 40 cars off by 40 positions the math is more like (19 off x 40 positions = 760)
  • There is a 25 point penalty for failing to submit a driver list. The game will automatically submit a list for you at the cutoff time but the penalty will then be assessed.
  • Each team player's points (for the selected lap being viewed) are displayed across the bottom of the screen (1st place on the left)
  • Each team player's rank among the entire league is displayed as a percentage of the league leader (for the selected lap being viewed). For instance, if your rank is 90% then you are doing better than 90% of the other players in the league.
  • Ties are broken by first determining which player had the most correct picks. If a tie still exists, the player who made the most accurate pick for the 1st place car wins. If a tie still exists, we check the most accurate 2nd place car and so on until the tie is broken. If at this point a winner cannot be determined then the players are using the same driver list and the tie is broken by the player whose account was created first.


  • The idea is to create your custom-weighted list of drivers (by car #) that will closely represent the final finish order.
  • Typically, you can set your list starting the afternoon before the race and up until race time.
  • Once all the practice & qualifying data is in and the site is open to set your list, the set of 5 sliders will initially arrange the drivers in a custom-tailored order based on your importance of each of the 5 categories:
    • Points
    • Track History
    • Qualifying
    • Practice
    • Momentum
  • The 5 sliders along the left manipulate the values of these categories and should total 100% for an accurate sort. Since it's difficult to add the 5 values in your head, the app will automatically reduce each slider (maintaining the same ratio) so that they total a number just under 100.
  • This happens when you click the "Reorder Driver List" button on the bottom left. You can tweak each slider (as necessary) by one or two so you get back to 100%.
  • This will order the driver list based on your custom weighting.
  • For instance, if you move the "Points" slider all the way to 100 and the rest to 0 then you'll see the current points standings. Likewise, the Qualifying slider to 100 and the others at 0 will show the race lineup. You'll want to arrange these sliders so that they represent how important each of these categories is to you when deciding where a driver will finish. This will give you a good starting point and you can tweak from there.
  • Past history is for this week's track. Currently, it averages every race a driver has been in since 2002.
  • Momentum is a custom formula for how well each driver is doing over the past 3 races.
  • After using the sliders to get a starting point, you can grab and drag each driver up and down the list to further refine your list.
  • Get your final order set and click "Save This Car Order".


  • The Viewer Page is where you will spend most of your time.
  • This special view allows you to see up to 5 members of your team, their total points, all 40 cars (by car # this time not by driver name), and their points.
  • The view is color coded so you can even get an overview of how everyone is doing at a glance or even from a distance (Green is good, Yellow is OK/poor, Red is bad)
  • Another special feature is the ability to hover your mouse over a car # icon and it will flash red along with all the other matching icons. This is useful in showing you where your other team members have placed the same car.
  • As you watch along at your own speed (a taped race on DVR) you can click the next available lap and see the positions and points change.
  • Along the bottom are boxes that show your current race points and your current percentile/rank amongst all the other players in the league (e.g. 100% means that for the currently viewed lap you have the highest score, 0% means you have the lowest, and 50% means you are right in the middle of all other players).


  • The User Settings page is where you can:
    • Start your own team - You are allowed to be the administrator of one team. You can add 4 members to your team. This is your default team and will be the uppermost team selectable in the upper right pulldown menu.
    • Delete your team - Use this if you need to start another team. All users on your team will no longer have access to this team.
    • Add members to your team - You are allowed to add up to 4 members to your team. You can send them an email link on this page.
    • Delete members from your team - Use this if you need to reduce the size of your team or replace a member.
    • Remove yourself from another team - Use this if you either no longer wish to be on a particular team or need to reduce your number of teams so another can be joined. You can only be on 4 other teams (besides your own Admin team) at a time.
    • Request to be added to another team - Use this if you know the name of another team that you would like to join.
      (***NOTE*** Abusing this feature could cause team admins to "block" you if they feel you are repeatedly asking to join a team where you have already been refused. 3 "blocks" against your user name will suspend your account indefinitely.


  • Messages are provided for the user via the flag in the upper left portion of the screen. It will appear grey if no messages are available or red (as shown) if messages are available. Click the flag to see your messages. These messages could include:
    • Notification that a team admin has invited you to be on their team. You can click the "Accept this invitation" button if you wish to join their team. The message will automatically be deleted. Or, you can refuse the invitation by clicking the "Delete This Message" button.
      (***NOTE*** You cannot be on more than 4 other teams besides your own)
    • Notification that a player has asked to be on your admin team. You can click the "Accept this invitation" button if you wish to add this player to your admin team. The message will automatically be deleted. Or, you can refuse the request by clicking the "Delete This Message" button.
      (***NOTE*** You cannot have more than 4 other players on your admin team. Individual players can be deleted if you wish to add another.)
    • General messages from Pick 'Em All NASCAR. These could include new website features, rule changes, etc.